Copper Backsplash

Today I want to show you copper backsplash designs to give you even more great ideas for your kitchen backsplashes.  Many people use copper tiles and tin tiles on their ceilings, but you can also use the same type of tiles for your countertop backsplashes.  You can even use them on your ceiling and for your backsplash in the same room to tie everything together into one big design.

Below are some pictures of different types of tin and copper backsplash tiles.  Below those, you will find photos of kitchen backsplashes implementing some of the copper sheets.

Copper Backsplash Tile Ideas

antique rustic copper backsplash

This one is an antique rustic copper tile.  They can be placed together to form a great looking pattern.  This tile can be used on the ceiling as well as on the backsplash.

brick pattern copper backsplash tile

This is a photo of a brick pattern copper backsplash tile.  These tiles can be pieced together to look like an amazing shining brick wall of copper and tin.

brown tin backsplash tile

Similar to the first image, this is a picture of a brown copper backsplash tile.  These can be bought in sheets and placed either on the ceiling or just above your countertop for your kitchen backsplash.

faux tin copper backsplash

Here’s an example of a faux tin copper backsplash tile.  This one is not real tin or real copper.  It just looks like it is.  These are very inexpensive and can still give a very nice look to your backsplash.

metal backsplash tiles

Here’s another great metal tile backsplash idea.  I really love the rich pattern of this particular tile.

Copper Backsplash Designs

Here are some photos of various copper backsplash designs used in real kitchens across the country.

copper backsplash

This backsplash design simply uses square copper tiles that are placed and grouted between them.

copper backsplash design

I love the pattern of the copper backsplash in the photo above.  The rectangle shapes are slanted diagonally to give a great zig zag design.  These can be bought in sheets and are fairly easy to install.

copper backsplash ideas

This backsplash is simply gorgeous.  They used a brick pattern and enhanced it will copper tiles turned in diamond shapes symmetrically on both sides.  Then they have a big square frame-like border of raised copper or tin.  Then they top it off with a raised copper sculpted tile in the center.  It is simply beautiful and goes great with the cabinets and marble countertop.

copper backsplash photo

Here’s another fairly simple copper backsplash.  You can probably tell that rather than small tiles these are bought in sheets.  It gives the appearance of lots of small tiles.

unique copper backsplash

Here’s one last photo of a very unique copper backsplash.  This is more like a sculpture than a tile.

I hope all these pictures have given you some great ideas for backsplashes of your own.  There are so many different materials to choose from it can sometimes be hard to pick which one you want to install.   That’s why I’m showing you so many different options.   I’ll have another post ready for you in a few days with even more options and even more designs to look at, so be sure to check back soon.

Glass Backsplash

I had never even thought of painted glass backsplashes before until someone sent me some pictures of different colored painted glass used for kitchen backsplashes recently.

I did a little research and found there are several companies that sell backsplash paint and primer.   The credit for the following pictures goes to the website

They sell the primer and paint to paint your glass backsplash.   This is really intriguing to me because I never realized how beautiful painted glass could be.   Check out these photos below of different colors of painted glass used for backsplashes.

Glass Backsplash Ideas

painted glass backsplash

This one is painted a peach color. Glass backsplashes are extremely easy to clean.  You can clean them just like you would any other glass surface.

black glass backsplash

Here’s a picture of a glass backsplash painted black.  The shiny black color make the entire kitchen look modern.  It almost seems like part of the appliances.

pink glass backsplash

Here’s a photo of a glass backsplash painted a pink fuscia color.  I love how they used recessed lights from the cabinets to shine down on the glass backsplash.  It gives it a very modern and elegant look.

glass backsplash aqua

This glass backsplash is painted on the back with a beautiful aqua color.  This is a great color choice for any kitchen that has a lot of white color in it, especially if it has white cabinets or light colored countertops.

navy blue glass backsplash

Here’s a picture of a navy blue painted glass backsplash.  The navy blue color goes well with dark kitchen cabinets.

blue glass backsplash

Here’s a photo of a blue painted glass backsplash.  Notice the lights at the top that will shine off the glass.   Any time you can add lighting to shine on glass surfaces it gives off a great appearance and adds value to the space.

green glass backsplash

Here’s a picture of a green glass backsplash.  This is another color that I feel looks a lot better with light colored cabinets and countertops as opposed to dark ones.

orange glass backsplash

Here’s a picture of a glass backsplash that is painted orange.  You’ll also notice that the front of the counter is painted glass as well.   This gives a unique and modern look that you won’t find any many kitchens.

I hope all these different color choices has given you some new ideas.  Let us know which colors you like best and feel free to send us some photos of your own glass backsplashes.

Backsplash Ideas and Designs

Kitchen Backsplash Ideas

backsplash design ideas

When designing a kitchen one of the most important components is the backsplash that goes under the cabinets and above the countertops.   Coming up with beautiful backsplash ideas can be challenging.  It’s often hard for homeowners to visualize what backsplashes will look like.  If you have the wrong ideas it can ruin the theme of your kitchen and if you choose the wrong types of backsplash, for example, if you choose the wrong color scheme or the wrong materials, it can ruin the appearance of the entire kitchen.

Certain types of backsplashes will compliment your cabinets and countertops and look beautiful, whereas the wrong choices will have the opposite effect.   That’s where I come in.  I’m a self-professed tile backsplash expert.    There are many websites out there that will show you pictures of backsplashes but those sites aren’t totally devoted to backsplashes and that’s where they fall short.  This site will focus on the different kinds of backsplashes and show you dozens if not hundreds of different options so you can get the wheels churning in your mind and come up with great backsplash ideas of your own, and create a masterful design in your own kitchen.

Below are some pictures of backsplashes using different themes and made of different materials.  This is simply the start.  I will be posting pictures of specific types of backsplashes over the next week, so check back often for updates.

These are the categories I will be posting photos of.

Types of Kitchen Backsplashes

  • glass backsplash
  • tile backsplash
  • copper backsplash
  • stainless steel backsplash
  • mosaic backsplash
  • travertine backsplash
  • brick backsplash
  • granite backsplash
  • subway tile backsplash
  • peel and stick tiles
  • diy backsplash installation

Most of the photos I will be posting will be of kitchen areas.  If I can find the time I will post pictures of bathroom backsplash ideas in the near future.

backsplash design pattern


This first picture is of a kitchen tile backsplash pattern I think is very interesting.  The color scheme looks great and it really makes the color of the cabinets pop.  I particularly like how they used smaller tiles to create a geometric pattern in the center.  It makes the backsplash much more interesting than if it was just plain.

cheap tile backsplash ideas


In the photo above, the backsplash looks expensive but actually it is very inexpensive to create this look.  The tiles used for the backsplash are very cheap.  Once again, using lighter colored tiles makes the surrounding cabinets and countertop pop out and look more expensive.  It’s a subtle way to add value to your kitchen.

colorful kitchen backsplash design


This picture shows the opposite effect from the photo above it.  In this case the cabinets are white so the designer used small, colorful tiles to create an eye-catching backsplash with bursts of color.

colorful tile kitchen backsplash


Here’s an image of another colorful kitchen tile backsplash.   Once again, the backsplash is the center of attention in this one, as compared to the countertops and cabinets.   You can really go either way with that decision.  You just want to make sure you don’t do both.  Because you can cause a clashing effect if your backsplash is too bold when your cabinets and countertops are bold as well.

countertop backsplash ideas


Sometimes less is more.  In the picture above, there’s a very simple tile pattern with simple gray colors.  It gives the kitchen a classy look without being overpowerful.

kitchen backsplash tiles


Here is another simple backsplash design that really works.  I love the use of Earth tone colors with that particular granite countertop.  It flows well together and looks great.

small kitchen backsplash tiles


Some people may think the backsplash tile pattern above is too noisy.  I like the use of small tiles in that small of a space, but I don’t particularly care for the color scheme.

peel and stick backsplash tiles


The photo above is an excellent example of how you can have a very elegant backsplash with a small budget.  The vertical tiles you see pictured above are actually peel and stick tiles.  They are very easy to install and they are very affordable, yet they look like they are very expensive.

marble kitchen backsplash


This is the opposite of the spectrum.  The marble backsplash you see above is quite expensive.  It looks elegant though.

stacked tile backsplash


Another backsplash idea that always gives a unique look is to use horizontal rectangle tiles and stack them like you see above.  This stacked tile look is an excellent way to be different and unique.

stone tile backsplash


One of my favorite backsplash ideas is to use stone tiles.  You can use real stone tiles or tiles that just look like stone.  Either way, it will give your kitchen a tuscan look.  If you are going for an Italian themed kitchen or a Tuscan themed look, I highly recommend using stone tiles for your backsplash.  Trust me, it will look amazing.

tin backsplash


Another great option is to use tin for your backsplash.  Pressed tin or copper backsplashes really make a kitchen pop.  In the photo above the tiles are used with white cabinets.  It looks good, but I always feel like tin or copper tiles look better with a wood finish, especially cherry or maple cabinets.

lighted kitchen backsplash


For the last photo of the day, check out this lighted backsplash above.  Florescent accent lights are used to shine a blue light on the entire backsplash.  This gives the entire kitchen a unique look and a very modern design.   This look obviously isn’t for everyone, but if you really like lights and if you really want to do something different than everyone else, this could be the perfect backsplash idea for your kitchen.   Your family and friends will have a jaw dropping moment if they walk in and see your entire kitchen lit up like that.

I hope these pictures have given you some good ideas so you can go out and design your own dream kitchen.   As I mentioned, I’ll be posting photos from my own house as well as others’ and I will do so in specific categories for each post to give you as many options to choose from as possible.  Please use the contact form to let me know what you think, and if you would like to send in images of your own kitchens and your own tile work please do so and I will post them to spawn even more ideas for other people and keep the creativity flowing.