Copper Backsplash

Today I want to show you copper backsplash designs to give you even more great ideas for your kitchen backsplashes.  Many people use copper tiles and tin tiles on their ceilings, but you can also use the same type of tiles for your countertop backsplashes.  You can even use them on your ceiling and for your backsplash in the same room to tie everything together into one big design.

Below are some pictures of different types of tin and copper backsplash tiles.  Below those, you will find photos of kitchen backsplashes implementing some of the copper sheets.

Copper Backsplash Tile Ideas

antique rustic copper backsplash

This one is an antique rustic copper tile.  They can be placed together to form a great looking pattern.  This tile can be used on the ceiling as well as on the backsplash.

brick pattern copper backsplash tile

This is a photo of a brick pattern copper backsplash tile.  These tiles can be pieced together to look like an amazing shining brick wall of copper and tin.

brown tin backsplash tile

Similar to the first image, this is a picture of a brown copper backsplash tile.  These can be bought in sheets and placed either on the ceiling or just above your countertop for your kitchen backsplash.

faux tin copper backsplash

Here’s an example of a faux tin copper backsplash tile.  This one is not real tin or real copper.  It just looks like it is.  These are very inexpensive and can still give a very nice look to your backsplash.

metal backsplash tiles

Here’s another great metal tile backsplash idea.  I really love the rich pattern of this particular tile.

Copper Backsplash Designs

Here are some photos of various copper backsplash designs used in real kitchens across the country.

copper backsplash

This backsplash design simply uses square copper tiles that are placed and grouted between them.

copper backsplash design

I love the pattern of the copper backsplash in the photo above.  The rectangle shapes are slanted diagonally to give a great zig zag design.  These can be bought in sheets and are fairly easy to install.

copper backsplash ideas

This backsplash is simply gorgeous.  They used a brick pattern and enhanced it will copper tiles turned in diamond shapes symmetrically on both sides.  Then they have a big square frame-like border of raised copper or tin.  Then they top it off with a raised copper sculpted tile in the center.  It is simply beautiful and goes great with the cabinets and marble countertop.

copper backsplash photo

Here’s another fairly simple copper backsplash.  You can probably tell that rather than small tiles these are bought in sheets.  It gives the appearance of lots of small tiles.

unique copper backsplash

Here’s one last photo of a very unique copper backsplash.  This is more like a sculpture than a tile.

I hope all these pictures have given you some great ideas for backsplashes of your own.  There are so many different materials to choose from it can sometimes be hard to pick which one you want to install.   That’s why I’m showing you so many different options.   I’ll have another post ready for you in a few days with even more options and even more designs to look at, so be sure to check back soon.