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Glass Backsplash

I had never even thought of painted glass backsplashes before until someone sent me some pictures of different colored painted glass used for kitchen backsplashes recently.

I did a little research and found there are several companies that sell backsplash paint and primer.   The credit for the following pictures goes to the website

They sell the primer and paint to paint your glass backsplash.   This is really intriguing to me because I never realized how beautiful painted glass could be.   Check out these photos below of different colors of painted glass used for backsplashes.

Glass Backsplash Ideas

painted glass backsplash

This one is painted a peach color. Glass backsplashes are extremely easy to clean.  You can clean them just like you would any other glass surface.

black glass backsplash

Here’s a picture of a glass backsplash painted black.  The shiny black color make the entire kitchen look modern.  It almost seems like part of the appliances.

pink glass backsplash

Here’s a photo of a glass backsplash painted a pink fuscia color.  I love how they used recessed lights from the cabinets to shine down on the glass backsplash.  It gives it a very modern and elegant look.

glass backsplash aqua

This glass backsplash is painted on the back with a beautiful aqua color.  This is a great color choice for any kitchen that has a lot of white color in it, especially if it has white cabinets or light colored countertops.

navy blue glass backsplash

Here’s a picture of a navy blue painted glass backsplash.  The navy blue color goes well with dark kitchen cabinets.

blue glass backsplash

Here’s a photo of a blue painted glass backsplash.  Notice the lights at the top that will shine off the glass.   Any time you can add lighting to shine on glass surfaces it gives off a great appearance and adds value to the space.

green glass backsplash

Here’s a picture of a green glass backsplash.  This is another color that I feel looks a lot better with light colored cabinets and countertops as opposed to dark ones.

orange glass backsplash

Here’s a picture of a glass backsplash that is painted orange.  You’ll also notice that the front of the counter is painted glass as well.   This gives a unique and modern look that you won’t find any many kitchens.

I hope all these different color choices has given you some new ideas.  Let us know which colors you like best and feel free to send us some photos of your own glass backsplashes.